Smartwave SW2400


At 2.4 metres long, the SW2400 is the orignal SmartWave boat that started the range off. There are over 1900 in action on the water. With its unique hull design this boat is incredibly stable for its size. In fact we believe it would be the most stable boat at 2.4 metres long. Internal capacity is excellent with plenty of room to do those things you would expect when in a dinghy. The SmartWave 2400 is an extremely tough versatile dinghy, ideal as a tender or for fishing, duck shooting or recreation. This boat comes complete with oars, sleeves and rowlocks.

Survey Report

Positive Flotation Statement


  • Lifeline

  • Reinforced Transom

  • Rowlock Positions x2

  • Centre Seat/Storage

  • Bow Tow Eye

  • Rear Floor Drain

  • Rod Holders

  • Drink Holders


Technical Information

Model (mm) SW2400

Length (mm) 2490

Beam Ext (mm) 1340

Internal Height (mm) 370

Dead rise (deg) 11

Hull Weight (kgs) 60

Hull Thickness (mm) 6 (hull)

Capacity (kgs) 270

Capacity (adults) 2

H.P Rating 6

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